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The CEL light is on now. Stopped at a parts place and asked them to read the code. They told me they found 3 he said...
P0300(random misfire), P0303 (Miss Cyl 3) and P0316 (misfire within first 1000 revs). He didnt write them down, print them out or let me look at the reader.
So, i said "he said" because i had to swing by my brothers shop with a different car and borrowed his snap on reader... when i got home i plugged it in started the car and found only 2 codes...P0300 and P0303. When i went to advanced settings i still did not get the 3rd code with one exception....
I did all this multiple times and one time i made the mistake of asking for chrysler instead of ford and that delivered a P0316...

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