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Originally Posted by Goschmeister View Post
Hey y'all, I am new to the forum and have really enjoyed reading several threads I have found here. I have a 02 Taurus with a Duratec DOHC 3.0. Since I have had it (about a year) it would randomly misfire on the interstate but it would always "push through" it after a a couple of minutes. Last week I was on my way home when the misfire happened so I pulled over, got a reading from AutoZone and I had a misfire on cylinders 4 & 5. Trying to avoid a tow truck fee I drove it the rest of the way home, which was about 25 miles. I got home and replaced all six plugs, ignition coil, wires and bypassed the EGR by putting EGR vacuum line on a new DPFE sensor. It still misfires, especially under a load (even AC) and I noticed that it seems louder than i remember but it could be my paranoia. I am afraid that i ruined/clogged the cats driving it home and possibly warped the exhaust manifold. It is worth the fix? How would yall diagnose this?

I have now 2 '03 DOHC and sold a '01 DOHC. Had problems with coils, wires, and Autolite plugs. Misfires with no codes.

Any issue with cats will set a code. It is emissions critical while others are only if they are really bad. You would do well to get a cheap code reader and look for pending codes. Pic of nearly new Motorcraft wires on new Autolite plugs.

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