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To follow-up. The only “performance” piece of anything in my car now is the k&n air filter. I called the company and they said they’ve had issued with those so I bought a stock filter but still popped the drivetrain warning light right at 5 mph. I am returning the one from the company I got it through and going to try one more and have an obd2 sensor handy to check codes. The company was willing to work with me. I have a hunch this MAF takes all restrictions off and it’s too much for the drivetrain.

To answer another question, I have had a performance mass air flow sensor with an aftermarket cold air intake on 4 other Fords and this is a first for me. I cannot find an aftermarket cold air intake set up for this car but had read somewhere else that the air intake setup is actually at mass induction (it lays over the top of the engine although thr filter doesn’t run down into the fender wall or anything like most other aftermarket setups do). So my guess is the chip is meant to run wider parameters than this car and drivetrain are supposed to handle. I have never had a drivetrain warning light pop.
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