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Originally Posted by Chieftain View Post
So I just installed (and subsequently took back out and replaced with the stock unit again) a Jet Powr-Flo performance mass air flow sensor on my Ď08 Bull....right at 5 mph the drivetrain warning indicator came on. I took it for a quick spin at low speed and it was punchy as hell but the tranny definitely felt like it was taking on too much load. Then the engine light came on. So, I canít call the company until Monday and I didnít want to risk getting my car stuck in ďlimp modeĒ wich would require taking it to the dealer...

I tried disconnecting the battery to reset the ecu but that did absolutely nothing. Has anyone found a troubleshoot or had a similar issue they were able to correct? This is the only performance MAF I can find, which will suck if I canít get it to work..
MAF has nothing to do with performance. Hope you can get your money back. Read codes and see what is bothering your ride with the OE unit on.

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