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Bulb Replacement

The vehicle: 1995 Taurus GL Sedan

The projects:
  1. Replace one or more bulbs behind instrument cluster
  2. Replace both front side marker light bulbs
  3. Replace left headlight bulb

Cluster bulbs
I found two screws at the top of the cluster. Logic would suggest that I need to remove those two screws. Anything else? The bulbs are behind the cluster, so I guess I need to remove it, too? How?
Side Markers
I've had a look. I can see the wires behind the bulb. I also see a nut on the end of a bolt, and the lens seems to be loose. Do I remove the lens? Or pull the bulb out from the back?
This is the easy one, assuming I can get my hand in there. Mind you, I might consider lifting the battery up and sliding it back a bit so that I can get in that way.
Thanks! Step by step instructions would be helpful, please, including pictures would be even more helpful.

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