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Originally Posted by Automender12345 View Post
They made a comment that a larger throttle body was added increasing horsepower by 20 hp.
The bullitt received an entirely new intake manifold/TB combo based on the GT350 manifold/TB.

Typically TB's and manifolds are tuned to deliver a specific air velocity to each cylinder to fill it to max potential. Making an change here can have implications in how well this is done. Larger TB's do allow for more airflow, but they potentially can slow down air velocity depending on manifold design. This can affect horsepower, and torque curves.

I'd recommend to throw out the notion that bigger = power and think about how the entire intake system works to fill the cylinders. Cam timing events also play a huge roll here in how the cylinder is filled. SO you can't take results from one vehicle/engine and apply the same logic to other unrelated vehicle/engines.

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