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Originally Posted by Automender12345 View Post
Seems logical but it doesn't account for a failed or noisy sensor. Didn't think they were that expensive to just replace. With the headache they are to reach because of the wiring harness, I would switch it out. Have you had a chirping sound coming from that area?
Originally Posted by Jeff K View Post
2 types of sensors used over the years. Hall switch (3 wire) sensor or VR sensor (2 wire) Hall switch can not be tested with ohmmeter. Ohms will give you limited info (open or shorted) on the health of a VR (Variable Reluctance) sensor.
Thanks for the information. I unplugged the cam sensor and started the vehicle, I seen no difference in behavior with or without it plugged in. Am going to check the key on volts at the harness, from reading the service manual, says it should be 1 volt, if less then you have a short. Do you think its necessary to unplug the pcm to perform this test?
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