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Originally Posted by ice445 View Post
A couple things are probably going on here. For starters, the car is running pretty rich, as you could already tell. Likely due to the bank 1 sensor 2 output being stuck lean. The computer uses the upstream sensor to assess the mixture and set the trims, so no surprise there that it's trending rich. Second, what was your voltage reading at the battery with every accessory turned on? The car is showing in the 11V range which would indicate a bad alt or corroded charging wire. And third, just because the camshaft synchronizer isn't squeaking doesn't mean it doesn't need replacement. They can wobble and shave the sensor down and give erratic readings to the computer. I would definitely suspect some electrical issues going on here. How old is the battery?
Originally Posted by Automender12345 View Post
Camshaft sensor times the fuel injection so fuel may not be injecting into open intake valves.

I actually had a camshaft sensor go bad with out it being the mechanical synchronizer.
No clue on the battery, came with the car, but advanceauto and walmart it checked out as a good battery, like 800 cold cracking amps. Checked battery was 12.2 before start, after start it remained around 14.5. checked ohm of the camsensor, its around 500 resistance, spec is 250-1000 from reading. Have not unplugged the o2 sensor as i dont feel like crawling under the car its about 25F outside lol and not including the windchill.
Thanks for the input its appreciated, any further ideas?

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