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Originally Posted by Plain Old Dave View Post
Wife texted me. Turning right after it warms up she had the evidently common 1-2 shift issue. Battery died this morning before work. Outlasted its warranty, so good there. Has the FFV motor. Reading posts and it looks like this is a drive by wire car. Given I had to disconnect the battery long enough for the check engine light for the number 2 cylinder to go out, I'm thinking the powertrain is still learning and this issue is a one off. No message on the dash or trans light.

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Plenty of posts here where weak battery or charging system cause all kinds of problems. Add bad grounds and cables to this.
I replace my batteries every 3 winters, no matter what. I replaced my Alt with NEW ones at about 125-135K. They were well worn and would just fail some inconvenient day. '03's DOHC. I had 2 regulator fails on my '02 Lin Cont (same Alt as DOHC Bulls) First one cost me $530 and a night in a motel. At 47K miles. Second I did at home but had to cancel a road trip.
Thus no rebuilds as they reuse the regulator.

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