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More transmission fun!!

Last week, my torque converter sheared the splines on my way back to Houston from Lake Charles. Changed it out. Got everything back together. Yes, I used a torque wrench on the pan bolts. Ran it through the gears a few times to fill and check level. Everything is good. No leaks, level is holding and it goes into gear nicely. I test drive it on the freeway (just a quick trip) and everything is fine. I come home and park it. Everything is still fine. I drive back to Lake Charles and nothing seems out of place. I smell a bit of trans fluid, but I don’t see any leaks. I come out the next morning to a murder site. Trans fluid everywhere. I get back to the hotel after work and check it out. A couple of the pan bolts seem a tad looser than it should be. I check all tightness. Everything seems ok again. I fill it up thinking that maybe my pan was loose or improperly torqued. No leaks.
I drive it to the store and around Lake Charles to go shopping. Everything is fine. The next morning another puddle. Ok. I know for a fact that they were torqued this time. Wtf. Start doing some googling on this problem. I found a couple of posts here about a transmission vent. So none of the parts store in LC has them. I’m still on time constraints for my trip home. I Found one in Houston. Got a ride back to Houston and then back to Lake Charles. I go to swap out the vent and I see that it’s different. Damn. So I start looking more into this rubber vent. It’s all the way down. I pull it up in hopes that it helps. I start filling the trans back up. Mercon V is getting expensive. Starts dribbling. Pan gasket is blown out.

Could that be what blew out my gasket? Or do I have other issues?
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