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Alright, I have codes. Actually a number of them, covering my faulty ABS sensor, autolamp, and wipers. The two most relevant to getting my car on the road are U1073 , and P1116. As stated before, I've already replaced the water temp sensor. One of the previous times I had the scanner, I found the temp read out for the the sensor which was around -420 F. I don't remember how to get back to the area of the scanner to verify that temp. Unless there is another sensor that does temp, it looks like I'm chasing wires.
I wasn't able to figure out how to get the tranny codes this time. I've been in that menu before, I just don't remember how to get back to it.
The other code I'm getting that I can't make heads or tails of is B1260 Solar Radiation Sensor Circuit Short To Battery.
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