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I currently don't have a CEL on. The only codes I had were from the O2's running rich. Once I replaced my water temp sensor, those went away and my cooling fans started working again, and it started blowing hot air into the cabin. I don't have access to the Solus scanner at the moment, (I borrow it from a friend). The other thought we had was possibly an oil temp sensor, but haven't been to figure out if it has one. I've had a string of issues and this is the last one I need to fix so I can drive the car again.
The cluster temp gauge is working, and the cooling fans are working, so my thought is that the wiring is all good from the sensor to the ECM and from the ECM out.
I did take out the ECM to check pins for a different problem and haven't yet replaced the seals for the upper intake. I wanted to make sure I was done with the computer before replacing the seals each time. What other systems control idle speed?
Aside from the high idle (900-1000rpm), it starts, runs, and drives just fine. Once I shut it off, it won't restart. I can force it to start if I hold the throttle open, but that's not good either.
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