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99 Taurus Electrical Problems

I have a 99 Taurus with a Duratec engine. I am having problems with the cooling fans and blower fan in my car. it started when my A/C compressor burned up due to running with no freon. Replaced compressor with bypass pulley so I can use same belt. The problem is that now my cooling fans do not work properly, also climate controls including blower fan inside do not work. Checked both the blower and cooling fans by jumping them, both work fine. The only way I can get the cooling fans working is to disconnect one of the wires to the coolant temp sensor, however both fans run constantly when car is running. The blower is working because I hot wired it to a toggle switch, also that is the only way my climate controls will work. Once thought it was head unit with EATC, replaced with 3 other units still same problem. Looking under hood in relay box I noticed that the plug where the A/C clutch relay is plugged is burnt, also it will blow relays about once every other month, I have to get extras when I have to go to junkyard in order to have one when the next one blows.I can do without A/C for now but I cannot keep going with these problems, I am afraid that I will kill my engine if I do not do anything!! Is there someone out there that can help me with this problem, if it is a wiring problem, please point me in the right direction. I love my Taurus and I don't want to lose it!!! Have had the car since 2005 with 64K miles and now I have over 250K miles on it and it's still going strong and I want to drive it until the tires fall off.Thanks, Kevo02

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