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Wagon - Removing rear window glass

The rear window grid in the rear glass is ng. It's easy enough to remove the securing bolt at the top left, however, the right side one keeps spinning with a socket on the 11 mm nut.

It "appears" I have to use a vice grip on the center shaft to prevent it from turning or will preventing the large gray nut [against the glass] from turning, enable removing the 11 mm nut?

I presume this bolt is attached to the hinge - T or F? If so, if I keep unscrewing it, will it separate from the hinge?

What's the procedure to remove the wiper shaft? I have the workshop manual, but the shaft is very tight.

I used a multimeter = current flow through both clips, but none at grid.

When looking at the defrost grid with the sun shinning on it, only 4 lines each about 1' long [in lower left area] are much brighter [gold vs black] than the others. The window originally had a heavy tinting on it. I'm afraid I damaged the grid when I vigorously cleaned it with windex and denatured alcohol.

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