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Brian in Tucson
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213,000 I do my own work. That said, I went kinda loony on mine. To wit: When I got mine, it needed a set of tires so I got a set of Falkens. In for a dime, in for a dollar. The engine promptly overheated on a hill on the freeway--so bad that the electrodes were burned off the spark plugs. Towed home, I couldn't just give this nice rust free wagon a proper burial, so I found a relatively lo mile engine--about 100,000 miles on it. While I had the engine/trans/subframe out, I replaced the aged motor and trans. mounts, & the dog bone. All the standard tune up stuff, including the lower mileage coil pack that came with the replacement motor. As I said, in for a dime, in for a dollar, so the car got new tie rod ends, one new half shaft, ball joints, KYB struts and shocks, strut bearings, sway bar endlinks, and subframe mounts. And of course the obligatory replacement vacuum hoses, pcv valve and hose, serpentine belt, and all new coolant hoses. Air and cab filters, too.

Ran really fine around sunny, hot Tucson. But when I took it out on I 10, it got pretty hot but didn't overheat. So I installed a new radiator, which did the trick.

I'm never going to get what I've got into it because of the high mileage. In retrospect, I should have eaten the cost of the car & tires and sent it to the Pick a Part. I have too many cars and not enough room, so I'm prepping it for sale--it's a great car and someone will get a wonderful deal.

2001 SES Wagon. 210k and strong running.

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