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'95 Taurus Engine Cut Out

This is on my '95 Taurus GL with the 3.0L. The ol lady and I had been driving around most of the day running errands for at least 3 hours. It was about 94 degrees outside. We left the parts store getting parts for another project. Made it half a mile and the engine started chugging like it wasn't getting fuel. Died in the road so I got to push it (that put me in a great mood in the heat). Got to a parking lot and tried restarting it. Nothing, would just turn over. Temp gauge was fine and the fuel pump switch in the truck had not been tripped. Every once in a while when starting it, it would try but not enough to run. I pulled the coil wire and used a screw driver to check spark and it was fine. Tried starting it for 15 minutes then gave up. Went and got a car dolly to bring it home. 2 hours go by before I get to pick the car up. Starts right up and I put it on the dolly. Get it home and then drive it 18 miles. Not a single problem. The next day I make two trips with a total of 45 miles and not a problem. I put a new fuel pump in the car about 3 months ago. The tank has a lot of pressure or vacuum when I take the cap off. The tank was at a 1/4 when this happened. Do you think the pump overheated in the hot weather?

Thanks for the help.

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