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Originally Posted by galan747 View Post
I have a sticking fuel tank vent valve on a 1994 taurus 3.8l with a 16g fuel tank.
Are you certain it's a faulty fuel tank vent valve? I'm asking because I had exactly the same problem last year. The smell was because that plastic "tee" fitting you mention in post #3 (located near the bottom of the radiator) was clogged with wax due to years of fuel vapor accumulation. It is a very common problem on your generation bull. It causes back pressure in the fuel tank vent, forcing raw gas fumes to belch out near the right-rear wheel.

It's easy to disconnect the tee connector and see if it is clear by blowing air through it with your lips. See this thread for detailed instructions how to clean it. I used a little rubbing alcohol and a sewing needle. No more gas smell!

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