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Sam, thank you for this excellent and important thread.

We purchased the Scantool MXII Bluetooth for $72.oo. It took
about 20 minutes to get the torque app and the unit to finally
work together.

Regarding the Red Chinese clones ELM327 2.1 and even others,
many of them do not work and can cause other issues
for your vehicle.

Attention! "Bad" Bluetooth adapters! - Bluetooth / WiFi OBD-II adapters - OBD Car Doctor Forum: ELM327 WiFi adapter, ELM327

More information is also directly available from the supplier ELM
Electronics. Press the OBD tab and it will also bring up a software
tab as well.


We spent more because we wanted a reliable vendor and a
product that worked out of the box. Heck, I remember just some
twenty years ago, when your local car tech would bring out a rolling
cabinet with an electronic box on it and charge you $70 bucks.

This item is well worth having in one's tool box or garage.

I can not wait for their next product which will also work on my
spouse. Don't leave home without!
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