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Originally Posted by powertripp View Post
As stated in my other thread.. I have to rebuild my Ford Taurus 03 OHV 3.0 engine. I've been searching for days now, trying to come across anything that involves the piston ring gap specs and ring clock pattern. If anybody has this info or knows where to get it. I believe that this info would be a great thing for this site for future builders just like me. Thanks guys!
Do not have that info, others will but"
Ring gap is critical. Had friend call me and tell me his ring gap was excessive on new rings by the book. OK how much? Yep likely engine had been oversized at the factory. He borrowed a inside mike, and it was +.020". Chrysler 318. Had he not followed the rules, he would have been a heap of hurt.

Know another case, dealer put rings and bearings in a Ford 260. Shaft was .002 under from the factory, old bearings had the stamp. Shaft failed in short order. Pays to check, never underestimate what they can do at the factory. Dodge shop guy told me they had new car 440, had +.040 cylinders with standard pistons. Ran really bad. That one clearly obvious.

Best of luck.

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