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jag1959 12-21-2018 07:18 PM

The 12 Bulls of Christmas
The big day is rapidly approaching, time to once again get it looking at least a little like Christmas around here

On the 12th day of Christmas TCCA gave to me:
12 Volts not charging
11 Coolant leaks
10 No heat threads
9 Vacuum leaks
8 SHO cylinders roaring
7 Engine codes
6 Platinum spark plugs
5 Frozen lugnuts
4 SHO chromies
3 Binding slide pins
2 Brighter headlights
and a bad water pump inside a Cyclone


REDTRUCKCHASER 12-22-2018 05:55 AM

:P Thanks for a little holiday humor.

My bag is packed and ready for a flight to Phoenix. Going to be a long travel day, full of cranky children,
impatient travelers, and lines. I just take a deep breath and remember this is 'amateur' hour for a lot of people traveling.

As we all travel over the river and thru the woods and to where ever our holiday travels take us, be safe. Don't let the traffic jams and airport crowds turn you into a Grinch.

chartmaker 12-22-2018 07:09 AM

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We will have lunch here at the apartment with the family (4 besides us). No gifts wrapped so far, likely I will take them all to Red Lobster for their present. (0.6 mi from the apartment) Longest trip possible, 12 miles one way maybe. Will go to the Christmas eve service at church (5mi) and that is about that. 2 '03 Sables, daughter driving one, grandson driving the other.

For many years we drove 6-700 miles to visit family for gathering. In the snow/ice, cold and with 2 children. All that is past.

We do have 2 decorated trees in the apartment. One tree a gift from our dog sitter and one daughter got us at a garage sale for $2. Expensive rotating tree stands on us.


jag1959 12-22-2018 08:53 AM

We do not travel for Christmas anymore other than going to church. But man do I remember the days of bundling up 5 Dudes and piling them in the wagon to make the rounds. Cargo carrier on the longroof, arriving and digging the boys out of their gear, presents out of the carrier, presents in the carrier, bundle boys back up and repeat...(shudder)
The oldest will be home for Christmas break this afternoon and we will all be together for the holiday...right...damn...here

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