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Originally Posted by Breeves002 View Post
I know the system is found on every car, however this is the way to access it with Fords!

Thanks for the additional input!
There are scan tools that can access this info for any car. In Innova has a tool that can access the data with these systems on board.

A lot of this is generic and available to access on all cars; not just Ford. Codes are the same for generic systems, but with manufacturer specific codes, these also can be accessed with the scan tool.

The scan tool I have is (expensive) able to datalog everything I need to do. I had a code come up for the electric power steering system in my 09 Mazda 3, and I was able to not only access it, but was able to find a TSB/recall on the system through the online protocol through the PC based scan tool application.

I also have heard that these scan tool applications and hardware are becoming available for the iPad and other tablet based systems.
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