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I just downloaded this and checked it out:

It gets two GIANT thumbs up from me!!!!

This is what you might call "game changing" software. It's free, yet provides almost all the functionality of the dealer scan tool, including functional tests! Did I mention it's free!!!

Data time resolution is amazing. Even with 12 things going at once it didn't seem to be slowing down. I could probably set it up and watch the individual fuel injector pulses if I wanted to.

The ability to scan codes from all the major modules at once and have people perform functional tests is going to greatly enhance diagnostic capabilities on this forum. The data logging seems to be very good, so people will easily be able to share their scan data.

The software layout is pretty good besides the fact that they don't label buttons. But you can easily figure things out with tooltips, so it's not a major problem once you learn what the icons mean.

I think I tried this software several years ago, but it was in it's infancy. In several years it's gone from forgettable to AMAZING, so I'm looking forward to where this will go in another few years!

Again, I'm looking forward to using this software almost exclusively in the future. Anyone with an ELM327 compatible scan tool should download it!
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