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Originally Posted by Boomstick View Post
What a great place for Taurus info! I've gotten so much info already. All of you with knowledge who help us less informed should pat yourselves on the back. Thank you in advance.

My dilemma is siphoning remaining fuel in the tank. I'm replacing the fuel pump in my 2001 Taurus 3.0 OHV. The engine won't run and there's about 1/2 a tank of gas I want to siphon first. I've disconnected the fuel filler neck from the tube at the gas tank under the car to siphon the remaining fuel. Using a liquid transfer hand pump from Harbor Freight I insert the flexible tube into the fuel filler tube under the car. The tube goes into the tank about 24 inches but doesn't make contact with any fuel. I don't want to drop the tank with 60-70 lbs. of fuel sloshing around if I don't have to. Any suggestions?

For the record: I don't hear any fuel pump noise when I turn key on or while cranking. I switched the fuel pump relay with like relays and still no fuel pump noise. I disconnected the fuel line at the fuel filter and no fuel came out while cranking the engine.
Thanks again

Did you ever get this resolved, and how? I have the exact same situation right now. I need to drain about 3/4 tank so I can drop it and get the failed pump out.
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