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I'll Be Watching You!

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I dont think this forum is large enough for me to list ALL my gripes

But here's a few:
Left lane dicks(people who insist on being in the left lane going slow)
People who insist on riding my ass when I'm doing 60 in a 45mph work zone
People who don't know how to merge on highways
RUDENESS! 'nuff said
The cold is wearing thin on my bones....

THe biggest beef I have lately is these holier than thou managers at work that dont listen to you because you don't have VP, pres, director, manager after your name. I mean you are asking for MY help, then question the way I repair things. You sell real estate, I work for the IT department, if I tell you this is the way it HAS to be done, dont fu****g question me............ don't tell me that it's 'not acceptable'......... the company pays me to do this job because YES, I DO know more than you do. Until you do my job, or work for the IT department don't question us(someone made the top of the **** list, and the bottom of the 'important' list today).

Oh and did I say RUDENESS?? Yea..........

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