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Auxiliar powery outlet fuse location

Originally Posted by D&APHILBECK View Post
About two or three months ago my cigarette lighter and 12v power outlet went out. I just replaced the fuse and it still hasnt fixed the problem. I have check all connetions, there seems to be nothing wrong with any of it. how would i go about fixing the problem. i also put my phone charger in both plugs and no power. My wife and i have a long trip to go on and a short amount of time to get there. So i cant stop to charge the phone when it dies.
I had the same problem. I found that there are indeed separate fuses for the cigar lighter and the aux power outlet. The fuse for the cigar lighter is in the fuse panel under the dash, a 20 amp fuse. The fuse for the auxiliary power outlet is also a 20 amp fuse, but it is located in the fuse panel under the hood at the front of the engine compartment. There are four 20 amp fuses in there, and I couldn't determine from the diagram on the cover, so I just pulled each one until I found the one that was burned out. The location of this particular fuse, as near as I can tell, is not shown on the diagram on the fuse panel cover, or on the fuse diagram found in the operator's manual. I just had to search till I found it.
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