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2006 SEL Front End Noise

I am not sure when the noise started, but I had to drop the transmission to replace the torque converter and may just be paying more attention to the noise. On the drivers side of the car I have a metal on metal sound when traveling over rough surface like my gravel drive to my shop. You do not notice the noise under regular operation on the highway. Pressing down on the car it sounded like the CV joint may be the issue. Pulled the CV axle with new one and replaced the lower ball joint at the same time. Reconnected everything and rechecked all the torque values on the engine craddle, steering, transmission mounts, and motor mounts with nothing standing out. All checks and inspection seem to be ok, but the noise is still there. There are no leaks in the strut, but have not ruled it out, just want to see if there are any ideas about the cause of the noise?
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