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QUOTE (robertlucent @ May 20 2010, 12:13 PM)
Hi, there:

I have a Taurus LX 2002. Ever since I have the car, the brake light has been on even though I released the hand brake. Last year, the brake light stayed on during the first 20 mintes of driving before it went off. (At the time of brake light turning off, the traction control light blinked once). But this year, the brake light always stayed on, and the ABS didn't work at all. I tried to pull out the computer code, but there was no communication with the ABS system. I guess the ABS system was disabled, because when I turned on the ignition key, the ABS light doesn't show up at all.

So could anybody let me what could be the problem and know how to reactivate the ABS system?

I had the exact same problem. After months of denial I had to replace the electronic side of the ABS unit.
Pulled one from the junk yard with TCS, swapped them out and it has worked perfectly since.
See my posts by searching ABS or my my posts under my name "retiredtaurus"

Good luck
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