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Well it's been nearly a year now that I cleaned the internals, flushed the P/S systems & added a Magnefine filter to the 94 Taurus & 99 Rangers P/S low pressure return line at the P/S cooler.

So far so good, it seems that the pesky long term, intermittent "shuders", have taken a hike!!!!

So maybe adding a half can Seafoam Trans Tune to the P/S fluid, driving until the problems ceased, then raising the front wheels so they can turn lock to lock, disconnecting the pump return line at the cooler, disabling the fuel pump so the engine won't run & cranking the engine while my helper slowly truned the steering wheel lock to lock to flush the P/S systems, while I poured in the remaining half can of Trans Tune & new fluid & afterward adding the Magnefine filter to small dia low pressure P/S return line at the cooler, has continued filtering deposits & or system particles & has cleaned the systems up & is keeping them clean enough to prevent the "shudders" from returning!!!!

A side benifit for the Taurus is that it's P/S pump is so quiet now, that you have to stand by the passenger side front fender & listen closely, to hear it's faint whine.
Before cleaning, flushing & adding the Magnefine filter, you could hear the pump whine 50 feet away!!!!

Anyway if any of you are having my kind of "shudder", or "whine" problems, maybe consider a half can dose of Seafoam TransTune to the P/S pump reservoir, drive it until things straighen up, or quiet down, flush the system with the other half can of Trans Tune & a couple qts of new tranny fluid, then add a Magnefine filter, or one like it to the P/S pump low prssure return line & maybe you'll get positive results too.

I'd at least try a flush & filter before throwing P/S system parts at the problem!!!!

Some P/S service results & thoughts for pondering.

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