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QUOTE (carfixer68 @ Jul 8 2009, 05:09 AM)
I can't possibly explain how pissed off and disappointed all of this makes me. Not that it matters to most, I wouldn't expect it to.

Let me take a moment and introduce myself, for those that don't know me. I'm Bob Gervais, I was President of this fine club for a couple of years, and involved in Staff in one way or another for about 4 years. In my time as President, I learned why nobody else wanted the job. You can't please all of the people all of the time, but you try. People complain and you look like an *******, which is fine by me. I've looked like an ******* for much worse reasons.

Also in my time as President, I organized a few national meets. Guess what, a lot of people complained because of location, it was too far away, etc. My thoughts at the time? I felt badly about the location, but from a financial standpoint, the locations I picked were the only ones that worked for attendance. Whomever is putting meets together needs to realize that this club consists of members from every part of the economic structure, from family guys who need to budget, to kids who blow their budget on a 99 cent Happy Meal. It ain't easy organizing a meet, and financial matters are just the tip of the iceberg on that issue.

The first Gingerman ROTB we did, I got sponsors for. Not as many as I would have liked, but Northeast SHO and SHOFast (Kirk and Brad) stepped up to the plate with $500 each to lessen the cost of the meet. Even with those generous contributions, I put $3500 out of pocket for renting the track, t-shirts, and food. $3500 that I was unsure if I was going to make back or not. Thankfully I did, and the meet was a huge success. Mostly due to location, low cost, and location. Did I mention location? I know Jason has had to do the same things with the track events he has put on, and I also know that he had the same worries of not losing the money he put in. Let's face it, we drive Tauruseses. We ain't exactly a rich crowd.

The very first club sanctioned ROTB was in Norwalk, OH. I rented Norwalk's drag strip for some fun, and we went to Cedar Point Park for even more fun. It became apparent from that first meet, that I needed to have some type of release of liability. When it comes down to it ONE PERSON is responsible for ownership of the - NOW PAY ATTENTION KIDDIES - WEBSITE, if something happened at an event and the retarded lawyers started listing people to sue, the club will be on that list, and so will the website/forums. Guess who was listed as owner of the domain? Yep, me. Just the same as Jason, or anyone else that ends up with the Presidency, is listed as the domain owner. Thankfully there were never any "incidents" beyond maybe two people getting tickets, but there's always going to be a moron at any event that takes things too far and increases the liability of the club. There are liability forms, as Kirk pointed out, but as I was advised at the time, releasing liability can be as simple as a statement on a forum that says exactly what Jason said. "The TCCA is not sanctioning this event, and does not condone street racing, or reckless driving on public roads". Not verbatim, but something to that effect.[/b]
To have a road course track event you don't have to rent the track, most tracks have driving education events that are just as much fun (well more fun because you get an instructor in the car with you in some open sessions) and the club isn't responsible because this way everyone signs a waver like at the drag strip. I know this because I've organized track events for fordbastards.

QUOTE (carfixer68 @ Jul 8 2009, 05:09 AM)
Now, that statement by Jason was fully justified, I agreed with it 100%. In fact, when Zorin posted in reply to my questions about a track event, that I would have the chance to take part in a "spirited drive" (exact words BTW), and attempt to keep up with trained stunt driver in a Starion, I became interested. I also, as former President, still got that ******* puckering feeling, "what if someone gets hurt?". Of course my first concern is safety, my second as President would be "how will this affect the club, and will I get sued if someone gets hurt because they were driving like a jackass and lost control?". Again, Jason was fully justified in saying what he said, and I would have made the same exact statement. People took it as Jason being an ******* control freak. I've known Jason personally for over 7 years, and not once have I seen him as a control freak. He is doing what he has to do, as President of the club. Sometimes, it's a sucky job and people hate you. Such is life. In the end he is the one with the responsibility, and while this is not a dictatorship, his rules need to be followed. Don't like what he has to say? Well, everyone has that right. You also have the right to start your own forums, join a different club, and take yourself to a different sandbox.[/b]
Well we hope to see ya come down and you enjoy our cruise to Fredricksburg there's some great German restaurants in this town. You really need to make this meet to meet fordbastards resident race car driver.

QUOTE (carfixer68 @ Jul 8 2009, 05:09 AM)
Now, I also know a lot of you Southern Chapter guys. Luke and Rudy I've met personally, and know most of the old timers (Hi Mark) from here. I know you're a good group of guys, and you're looking to put on an event that people will have fun at. What I would suggest, is asking people what they'd like to do, what dates work well, etc. That's the approach that I took with ROTBs and while it's sometimes frustrating, it gets more attendance at your event. Be open minded to what people want to do. You had a great start with the pontoon boat and the scenic drive, let's expand on it! If you need help with it, let me know and I will be glad to help. This is not, and should never be portrayed as a meet to end a pissing contest with Jason. It should be something that is going to get a bunch of us together, in a place that a lot of us have never been. TX is on my list of places to go, help me cross it off!

As far as connection issues, I have no technical input (big surprise, no?? ), but perhaps it's simply a sign that you should stop living your life on a computer?[/b]

This meet is starting to shape up nicely, a cruise, possibly a road course event, a party barge. Going to be a blast.


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