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QUOTE (CometGSR @ Jun 10 2009, 11:05 AM)
I think a lot of the problem is the crappy economy we are in. If you aren't working, its hard to go to events that aren't in your backyard. A combined, affordable event would be best for everyone. I know when I was flat broke, I found it hard to go to Gingerman to come to ROTBs. I can certainly understand why shelling out $200 + expenses is hard.

For these times, less glitz, more organization works best for people.[/b]
I dont get whats wrong with the SHOclub meet then? $80 for registration is all you have to pay. The only other thing that is over $20 (all optional of coruse) is the $230 for the road course. Do you need to do it? No. I didnt at ROTB last year and still had a blast. And if you cant afford a hotel for 5 days, try rooming with a friend or two, cuts the price by alot. How can it get any more affordable then that?

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