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Excellent idea Mike. It's hard, even in a good economy, to pull off a successful national meet. When I was doing the ROTB's, we ended up doing Gingerman twice because that's where the demographics of the club dictated it had to be. Gingerman is cheap compared to other road courses, close to a lot of people that were willing to go, and there are a lot of other things to do in the general vicinity. It was farily easy to get a combination of TCCA and SHO people there, and make the event financially tangible.

I do, however, have another opinion (surprise, surprise! ).

I'm not sure what the final attendance numbers will be for the SHO Convention this year in NH, but I do know that Don Mallinson had mentioned to me a few years ago, when I still had the TCCA, that he was having a harder and harder time filling slots in the Conventions. Ownership of the SHO's was shifting from upper middle class professionals that had the money to travel to different parts of the country, to younger people who either didn't have the money or the time to go too far from home. He had mentioned to me, which seems like a great idea, the merging of the two events, ROTB and the SHO convention.

This makes sense on many levels. It would give a broader base of people that would potentially come to this event, making slots easier to fill, both from a financial standpoint, and geographical standpoint. It would take the dilemma of choosing an event away from people like me. I started my Taurus addiction here at the TCCA, and have some great friends here. I now have the SHO, and my involvement with NESHO has introduced me to many different events and more great friends. I now have the dilemma of too many events to pick from. I know I can't afford/don't have the time off to do them all. If it were one single national event between the TCCA and SHO club, this dilemma would be gone, and more people would be able to get together.

There are also many regional events, like the Carlisle All Ford show, that need a presence as well. Perhaps some chapters could look into these types of events in their areas and start making a showing at them. If you get enough people, they will make a class for you at the event. The more presence you get at events like this, the more members you will get. A lot of people don't even know there's a club for the Taurus and Sable.

I know a lot of the members here want to have their own, TCCA specific event, but if it's not working, why not join up with Don and make things happen?

On a last note, I think a combined event would be good for sharing ideas, repair hints, stuff like that. Almost ten years after I joined the TCCA, there is still a separation amongst the SHO and Taurus/Sable people. That always bugged me, because they are the same car. One is just a faster pile of poop. Really though, the more I get out to these events, the more I see that the separation exists because a lot of Taurus/Sable folk think the SHO folk have some sort of superior attitude because they drive an SHO. Not true, and if you guys get out to these events you'll see what I mean.

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