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I have a ScanGauge by Linear Logic installed on my dash and all I have to do is push a button while running down the road to display any stored codes. All it says is "No Codes Found" and "-Ready-" but maybe I should try the reader at the shop Tuesday and see if they both agree. Being an older car guy I do not like to be stumped by my own car, yet I guess it happens to everybody, and sometimes more than once. I'll keep you informed on my progress. Thanks all.
Heh, I have one too...ScanGaugeII. The scangauge doesn't pick up pending codes though, only ones that cause the check engine light to turn on. I wish LinerLogic would have built that into the ScanGauge II (pending codes), but maybe in the next model they will.

A little young to have a COP fail, but it's certainly not unheard of...and the repair isn't too tough as long as it's on cylinders 4-6

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