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The oil spots could potentially be excess from around the filter if you had a recent oil change. But it's most likely a leak. Common leak areas are the pan gasket and the drain plug, and the oil filter if it was not installed right.

If you see coolant, it's definitely leaking somewhere. If you don't have the means to check for leaks right now (being pounded with snow and everything), then just keep an eye on both your oil level and coolant level. Both leaks are probably very slow. My pan gasket is leaking pretty good, but even then, I can still go a few thousand miles without adding.

In fact, even though there is enough oil leaking from my car that it has started to damage the asphalt outside of my mothers house, it still isn't leaking fast enough for Ford's specification of oil consumption (I believe it's 1 quart every 1500 miles or more, otherwise, they don't consider it "oil consumption." )

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