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My wife 2000 sable wagon with the duratec ran really rough this morning , but was fine once it warmed up.
I looked down to see the check engine light on. Went to autozone and got this code p1151.
Autozone was not much help, Any ideas.
90% of the time its the PCV system. I don't know if the 2000 is different than our '98 Duratec Sable ,but the elbow that receives the PCV valve swelled and didn't provide a airtight seal and it threw same code and ran rough
cold with misfire under load. Threw a clamp on the joint making sure the PCV is seated before tightening.
It's not the easiest clamp install (2 extensions on my 1/4" ratchet) but it was easier than taking the UM
off and r/r suspect rubber elbows and hoses.

Best of luck,

Car has 144,000 miles on it and has been maintain well.
Pcv valve and hose are new as well as the other vacuum lines that usaully rot away.
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