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The license plate thing only applies to states where the license plate is issued to the car (such as CA). Here in NV, the plates are issued to the owner. We have plenty of cars from the '80s with contemporary plates. We also have a new law banning plates issued before 2002 for legibility reasons so you will find an older car with newer plates too. Oddly enough, if you have a pre-1982 plate, you're allowed to keep that instead of getting a newer issue because they lack a graphic design. It is up to the owner to trade in pre-1982 plates if it is illegible.
The plates are issued to the owner in Massachusetts too. So when he said "too new plates" I had no clue what he was talking about. I understand now.

I think my car may have been an ex-rental. But it's alright, it runs fine and tracks fairly straight (I haven't had an alignment done since I bought the car, I can't do it until I repair the rear springs to fix the camber issue it causes). I believe it pulls slightly to one direction but I'm not sure which because the roads here are so bad that I'll have a slight pull to the right on one stretch of highway and slight pull to the left on another.

Even better, for a car that's been in New England, there's not too much rust. The worst rust is on the bolts for the Y-pipe flange, and I'm going to replace them soon (well, one rusted and fell out already, so I need to replace them to fix the loud sputtery sounding exhaust leak).

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