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95TaurusinSK 03-22-2019 10:32 PM

Bulb Replacement
The vehicle: 1995 Taurus GL Sedan

The projects:
  1. Replace one or more bulbs behind instrument cluster
  2. Replace both front side marker light bulbs
  3. Replace left headlight bulb

Cluster bulbs
I found two screws at the top of the cluster. Logic would suggest that I need to remove those two screws. Anything else? The bulbs are behind the cluster, so I guess I need to remove it, too? How?
Side Markers
I've had a look. I can see the wires behind the bulb. I also see a nut on the end of a bolt, and the lens seems to be loose. Do I remove the lens? Or pull the bulb out from the back?
This is the easy one, assuming I can get my hand in there. Mind you, I might consider lifting the battery up and sliding it back a bit so that I can get in that way.
Thanks! Step by step instructions would be helpful, please, including pictures would be even more helpful.

Jeff K 03-23-2019 07:12 AM

Remove the trim around the cluster. Those 2 screws facing down at the top of the cluster trim panel need to be removed. Knee bolster panels need to be removed to access several hidden screws to remove the cluster trim if I remember correctly . Remove the 4 screws that hold the cluster in. Pull it out as far as you can, remove the electrical connector(s) by squeezing the ends of the plug(s). (I forget if there are 1 or 2 electrical plugs..... Havent had the cluster out of my 95 GL Vulcan in 8 years or so) Remove the speedo cable by squeezing the white ring around the cable.

I would replace ALL the bulbs in the cluster, including indicator lights while it is out. #194 bulbs.

Front side marker bulbs are replaced without removing the light assembly. It is a little tight, especially if you have big hands like me, but still pretty easy. #194NA bulbs.

Replace both headlight bulbs if 1 is bad. The other side will burn out soon anyway. Very easy to replace without removing anything. DO NOT touch the bulb itself while installing!!!

95TaurusinSK 03-24-2019 11:13 PM

Thanks, Jeff! I'll take a look at the side markers again tomorrow (although my hands are anything but small). Do the bolts that I'm talking about hold the entire assembly? There's one visible from the top - is it the only one? I'm thinking that removing that nut so that I can pull the light away from the body will give me more room to work.

As for the cluster, I'm good right up to disconnecting the speedometer. I might wait for a bit, and see if I can get a friend to give me a hand with those bulbs.

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