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Originally Posted by crackhead View Post
Was there a requirement to hire local or even USA citizens?
Since the truck that currently carry the oil southbound have to make a NB trip, the oil companies have a cheep way to bring workers up from the border state that will work for less $. And take their $ with them.

The pipeline was all smoke and mirrors. It would also INCREASE the price of gas in the midwest since large quantities can be move cheaply to markets that will pay a premium price for the crude.
Actually there laws in canadian provinces that are basically all the same, anyone who works here in canada has to have the legal right to do so just like the usa. just bringing up americans just because they will work less then our min wage will also not work even if the previous was not true. The reason is the laws also state every person must get at least minimum wage in their industry(food which gives tips, generic work places like construction warehouses unless otherwise specified by the province etc). We all also know how the usa would feel about bringing in immigrants from the south to do the work so i doubt they would do the same in this case

Oh the pipeline is not meant for just gas its also meant for refining, something already being done today. once done the pipeline will save both parties a lot of money with cheap maintenance etc. a quick read up the orig Keystone Pipeline section had as much or almost as much hassle to get built.

Originally Posted by jhefner View Post
Then, the electric starter was invented. That made internal combustion cars more attractive than steam

i did make mention that the starter kicked its career but i also completely forgot about steam cars... i thought they died out before the 30's. by 10 or more years.

Originally Posted by jhefner View Post
Fast forward to today. We have a network in place for internal combustion engine vehicles – gas stations on every corner, parts dealers on every other corner, and repair shops and dealers to service them when they break.

You will have replace those gas stations with charging stations at home, work, and anywhere else they are needed. You will need a network of parts dealers, repair shops and service dealers to service them.

And, today you have your pick of a sports cars, economy cars, SUVs, and pickups. Not until you get electric vehicles that can perform the functions of all of these, and offer an exponential improvement over today’s i.c. cars will you see them replace gasoline and diesel cars. (That includes the same range or better between charges as gasoline engines, the same or better performance, and the same or better cost.) Until then, like the early diesel locomotives and jet aircraft, they will fill niche markets like a golf cart to get around your gated community, urban delivery vehicles, and commuter cars for yuppies wanting to save the planet; but that is it.

Question answered and an entire lunch hour wasted. Let's get back to discussing the Taurus and leave the politics out, please.
Great example about trains and planes. It's true we do have the infrastructure for gas but really how long did that take as well? we all know gas is dieing out but once we figure out the fuel replacement we really should get in gear and build infrastructure. it does not matter if it is electric, hydrogen or even some unknown fuel yet to be created. when its decided we should build infrastructure for it. esp in the high polution areas like California Toronto etc to push the new tech. even if 50% of such big cities went to a greener fuel it would help everyone esp future kids that get health issues from living in such places.

One thing about building up the infrastructure for any alt fuel if its hydrogen we can use current gas stations (as you pointed out) if electric we still can use current gas stations we can also use electrical wiring already underground at most malls plazas etc that are used for the lights.

As you or someone else said previously its costly for alt fuels that use no gas or any oil by product to run on (this means biofuels are out of the topic right now well some). Now i know the tech is there to meet almost every ones needs in almost every type of vehicle however the fact companies are reluctant to move to the greener way and the fact its too expensive currently to buy (not run as pointed out by me in a previous post along with equal or less carbon foot print).

Personally i think companies like Tesla are using their monopoly like condition with electrics to charge insane prices. The second a new long range ev pops up Tesla tries to sue...

Oh may wish to watch this video its old but i found very good. There is a very good concept that could put ev's on a lot of peoples good lists. its not cheap for set up but would save the grid from exploding the second 2 ev's plug in at the same time

Electric Car Dreams . NOW on PBS (if you have IDM or alike file downloader that auto downloads files like mp4 upon loading, disable it before watching unless you want to download the video)
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Originally Posted by Egg-Roll View Post
i did make mention that the starter kicked its career but i also completely forgot about steam cars... i thought they died out before the 30's. by 10 or more years.
Nope, last steam cars were built in 1929. The Besler brothers bought out the steam car engine patents from Doble and installed the steam powerplant in a bus, a boat, and an airplane in 1933 to try to raise interest in using the steam powerplant for other purposes. The following link to youtube will hopefully take you a video of the steam plane's one flight (really more of a publicity stunt than a prototype.)

But speaking of specialized urban delivery vehicles, the Sentinel Waggon Works in England continued to build steam waggons (or steam trucks) well into the 1940s. They were used in-town in England and occasionally elsewhere as delivery trucks, tar sprayers, and even buses. They had a abundant supply of coal in town for fuel, and obtaining water was simply a matter of stopping on a bridge, throwing a siphon hose over the rail, and sucking it on board.

The very last ones were built for a coal mine in Rio Turbio, Argentina in 1950. They were intended to deliver coal from the mine to the port; but consumed most of their load just getting there. So, they were dumped and replaced by a railroad using ... yep steam locomotives, built by Mitsubishi in Japan in 1956 and 1963. They operated until fairly recently.
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cool, never knew someone made a plane from steam... if you told me before the vid i would not of doubted you but it really isnt practical as you said it was most likely a publicity stunt.

this made me laugh... "but consumed most of their load just getting there"

i know there is at least one steam locomotive in the usa and at least one in canada but the one i know of in the usa was converted from coal to oil for obvious reasons... I like train/trolleys a little esp the old ones. I watched the mini series called extreme trains (8 ep long).

But that video kinda reminds me of this: a possible product that really should of never been made. Designed sure but wasted resources on... no.

New Rail Car Runs on Air-Electric Perpetual Drive | Modern Mechanix

sounds possible but is it really? who knows no one has yet to bother try recreating it...
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