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Yeah, I'm sure this guy didn't have anything better to do. We were sitting at a light and making a turn, and he made a u-turn behind a car and came after me. It must be real suspisious to have 3 white guys in an '89 Escort, with a nice set of wheels. LOL I mean this damn thing didn't even come with a plate mount from the factory, it's from ****ing Massachusetts!!!! I've driven it for 6 years with no plate at all, but that's ok, i'm going to put a screw in the hole and take a picture, and send it in, showing that there is a plate on it now. Send in my personal plate app. and then I'll permanently mount it.
I'm thinking...............PHKERZ

Rudy I would call one of those investigative reporters from your local TV stations...see if they be intrested in running a story about your ticket and the wording of the TX law.

Taking the front plate off is usually the first thing I do when I get a car. I got pulled over for it once, of course the cops were just fu**ing w/me. They had a "sting" setup at a 4-way stop to check for inspection and registration stickers and even though mine were current, I guess he couldn't resist messing w/the guy in the seafoam-colored Taurus w/the muffler and resonator cut off w/the dark a** windows. Just as the cop is going on and on about the plate a c5 Vette pulls up to the opposite sign. I point out to the officer that the Vette doesnt have a front plate, or even a place to put one(you know the Vette has that cover on the front where the plate goes that says "Corvette"). He turns and looks at the Vette, looks up in the air for a few seconds, looks back at me w/this hyper-frustrated look on his face and says, "sir, you have a good one, and be careful-there has been a lot of street racing going on around here" I give him a fake smile and kindly drive off.
Sounds like you got your bull running! GOOD DEAL!

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