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only_1 04-02-2019 09:12 AM

Radiator Core Support
Are there any good how-to's on replacing a core support on this platform (2011 SHO specifically)?
Any pointers from people who have done it?

kobresia 04-08-2019 04:56 PM

Just replaced the core support and most components in a 2013 FPIS which had some front-end damage.

Here are the steps in order.

1) Remove upper deflector/bumper cover/lower deflector/grille assembly
2) Remove headlights and airbox/air intake assembly
3) Unmount oil cooler from bottom of bumper reinforcement and hang to the side
4) Remove bumper reinforcement
5) Drain coolant
6) Loosen clamps for intercooler hoses/transmission fluid cooler lines and radiator hoses, removing hoses if possible. I wouldn't bother with the lower intercooler "tank"on the driver's side, even though it comes apart. It's so crowded it's easier to remove the two inlet hoses coming from the turbos.
7) Disconnect fan plugs and harness, if possible. If not, wait until entire assembly is more loose and there's more room. Alternatively, it should be possible to just unbolt the fan shroud assembly from the core support and leave it attached.
8) Unmount AC condenser from front of core support and hang it out of the way (or purge system and remove it altogether).
9) Unbolt core support-- two bolts on top on each side, two (I think!) bolts each side just inside the bumper reinforcement mount points.
10) Remove core support with all internal components still mounted (radiator, intercooler, transmission cooler, etc.)

Remove the upper radiator support clip bolts and remove the whole assembly from the core support; they all clip and bolt together.

only_1 05-06-2019 11:27 AM

Thank you for providing your procedure. I was hoping I didn't have to take off the bumper support. Not a big deal. Just have to drill out the spot welds quick.

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