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Originally posted by c_hayhurst@Nov 1 2005, 10:24 PM

I have had a recurring problem with my transmission for the last 12 months. Every once in a while, when the engine is fully warmed up and I am accelerating or cruising while in first gear, the transmission drops into NEUTRAL, then drops into 2nd gear hard, causing the entire car to lurch both when the transmission drops to neutral and then engages in 2nd gear.

It also happens if I am cruising at very low speeds around 15-22 miles per hour. I have tried several things to avoid and even cause it to happen:

Quick starts from dead stop.
Slow start from dead stop.
slam on the brakes and stop hard, then accelerate both quickly and slowly from a dead stop.
come to a nice, gradual stop, then try accelerating both slowly and quickly (not at the same time, obviously)
purposely cruise at low speeds, trying to keep the car in that "sweet spot" to cause the transmission to act up.

The end result is the same: there is no definite set of conditions which causes the transmission to drop out of and into gear, other than the car being warmed up and the transmission trying to change from 1st to second gear.

Before, it would happen once a month, now it happens a couple of times a day.

There are no other noises or weird occurences with the car, although this one is enough for me!

Also, once in a GREAT while, like once every 1-2 months, the car will not shift out of first gear until I either hit 5000 RPM or I come to a complete stop, wait and then accelerate slowly. And, the speedometer will not work when this happens, either. Weird.

Can someone please tell me what is causing this and is it fixable?

If it is fixable, can someone direct me to a link on how to do so?

I have taken the car to the mechanic's 3 times and they cannot get the car to act up. But, other have been in the car when it has happened, so I know I am not hallucinating.


Pain! Pain!
Do you have a transplanted engine? Your profile shows something odd.

Car Ford Taurus
Year 1999
Engine 6cyl - 3.0 Yamaha <---
Transmission Automatic
Body type Sedan
Trim level SE

If it is the original engine, it's not a Yamaha, and from your description, do you have an SES light on have you had the codes read?
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