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drmurdoc 09-24-2006 08:21 AM

It's the battery dude! Almost for sure. It will report 12V. It is bad, replace it and your car will be running. Cheapest fix you will ever have.

shoz123 09-24-2006 10:36 AM

Yes replace the battery before it ruins the alternator too.

etron 09-24-2006 02:12 PM

It was the battery for sure, put a new duralast in it, and runs great, thanks for the advice everyone. Is there any chance that the failure of my HVAC fan is related to this?

drmurdoc 09-24-2006 03:16 PM

Could be the resistor or fan. Does it work only on high?

etron 09-24-2006 04:18 PM

It doesn't work at all, but it died a slow death. I will take it out soon and test it, but was more curious than anything.

NTICED1 09-24-2006 06:45 PM


Originally posted by etron@Sep 23 2006, 03:33 PM
So I finally paid my car off last night, and today when I need to make a short trip, it decides not to start anymore :/

On top of that, my alarm system keeps acting up really strange (very rapid beeps, but have never heard it before), and I am wondering if the alarm system is preventing me from starting the car.

I have tried jump starting the car, but no luck. The battery measures 12V when disconnected from everything, when connected, it measures around 7V (while the alarm is going nuts, and nothing electrical really works).

When I try starting the car while jumped, I have lights etc, but the speedometer goes up to 60mph, alarm goes nuts (and can't be stopped). I can hear the fuel pump kick in, then it starts making loud ticking noises really fast.

The alarm system/remote starter was installed by Ford, but there is no documentation, so I can't do any troubleshooting there.

Do I have a bad starter? I have around 105k miles, so I figured maybe it's the battery, but it doesn't explain the other strange behavior and voltages.

the only time my ses deosnt start and my alarm beeps rapidly is when my battery died replace with optima no probs started right back up

dilly b 09-26-2006 08:21 PM

My 01 SES seems to be doing the same thing. A couple weeks ago my alternator started squeaking, and since it's covered under the dealer warranty i didn't want to pay to replace it myself, made a service appointment that ended up being TWO WEEKS LATER!! I kept my fingers crossed that the alternator would last until the appointment, but I knew it wouldn't. Car finally died at the car wash, friend came, jumped it and it ran. I Charged the battery that night and it lasted me like a day. When i went to work the next day it wouldn't start when i went to leave, we jumped it again and it barely worked, and when it did run gauges went nuts Tach jumped up and down and eventually sat at Zero, ABS light came on and low battery light came on. Barely made it home. Just wondering if everybody thinks that I just need a new battery and alternator.


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