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I replaced the EGR valve on my '94 last summer with only 50k original miles. I was surprised to find that not only was it dirty with carbon, but the EGR port into the intake manifold was also partially clogged (no CEL illuminated, no codes pending). I cleaned it with a whole can of acetone-based carburetor clearer.

Spark plugs are also critical, as jag1959 points out. Mine were carbonized. Don't forget to gap them properly. Even though you are in a warm climate, short trips and a lack of Tier One gasoline can cause carbon buildup. You can check the plug wires with an ohm meter (if each is below 30k, they're good).

If you do find carbon on your plugs or piston crowns, you probably have it on your intake valves as well. Add a few consecutive tankfuls of PEA-based cleaner through your gas (Techron, Gumout All-in-One, or some other popular ones). I won't even mention catalytic converter cleaner, because I always get criticized on the forum for doing so.

A few other things to consider. The PCV valve and fuel filter is missing from your list, as is a wheel alignment. If the brake fluid in the reservoir is filthy black, you might replace the brake master cylinder. Also check the condition of the vacuum lines, especially around the PCV valve and the one to the fuel canister purge valve. Jag1959 mentions a coolant cap -- I would suggest Motorcraft because I had problems with generics.

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