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Which shocks are really firmer?

I have always heard people say that the 4th gen struts are firmer than the 3rd gen ones, and that if you want a firmer ride and more control on your Gen 3 Taurus then it's recommended to use the Gen 4s. I have also heard that the same thing applies to shocks that are used on the rear of the wagons, meaning that the Gen 4 shocks are firmer. But then I heard some people claim the opposite. I am confused. I think I recall that in one thread, one person said he contacted KYB and they told him the Gen 3 ones were firmer, and one person said KYB told him the Gen 4 ones were firmer. Can we have a confirmation please once and for all?

More specifically, I put Motorcraft Gen 4 struts on the front of my 99 Sable wagon (which is Gen 3) with KYB springs, and I was happy with the handling. Then, I put Gen 3 Motorcraft shocks on the back (with Moog cargo springs) and now the car feels much bouncier and kind of floats like a boat, so I'm wondering if maybe now the front is firmer than the back and making that happen? I'm not happy with those shocks in the back, and I'm thinking of switching them for KYB Gas-A-Just but now I'm not sure if they should be Gen 3 or Gen 4, can someone help me out with this?

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