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The following TSB is probably what you have. I've seen it on a few cars, and usually doing the EATC self-test will clear it out and get it working again. I'd just keep doing that until it no longer fixes itself after doing the self test.

To do the self-test on the system:

Remote Climate Control Module Self-Test

The remote climate control (RCC) module self-test will not detect concerns associated with data link messages like engine coolant temperature or vehicle speed signals. A scan tool must be used to retrieve these concerns.

The RCC module self-test will detect concerns in the system control functions and will display hard diagnostic trouble codes (DTCs) in addition to intermittent diagnostic trouble codes for concerns that occur during system operation. The vehicle interior temperature should be between 4°-38°C (40°-100°F) when carrying out the self-test. If the temperature is not within the specified range, false in-car temperature sensor DTCs will be displayed.

The self-test can be initiated at any time. Normal operation of the system stops when the self-test is activated.

To enter the self-test, press the OFF and floor buttons simultaneously and then press the AUTO button within two seconds. The display will show a dashed line in the center of the climate control display window of the integrated control panel (ICP).

The test may run as long as 30 seconds. Record all DTCs displayed. The self-test is completed when 888 appears in the center of the climate control display window of the ICP.

If any DTCs appear during the self-test, refer to the REMOTE CLIMATE CONTROL MODULE DIAGNOSTIC TROUBLE CODE (DTC) INDEX. Carry out the diagnostic procedure given under ACTION TO TAKE for each DTC given.

If a condition exists but no DTCs appear during the self-test, refer to the SYMPTOM CHART condition: The EATC System Is Inoperative, Intermittent or Incorrect Operation.

To exit the self-test and retain all intermittent DTCs, press the "—" (cooler) side of the TEMP button. The RCC module will exit the self-test and retain all intermittent DTCs.

To exit the self-test and clear all DTCs, press the front defrost button. All RCC module DTCs will be cleared.
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